Research cooperation

Research and innovation are vital to the Dutch green sector. Dutch agri-food companies and knowledge institutions, often in close collaboration with NGOs and governments, work on innovative solutions for challenges in the areas of nitrogen, water and soil quality, biodiversity and climate change.

Knowledge and Innovation Agenda

The Dutch ambitions for knowledge development and innovation regarding these challenges are described in the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda 2020-2023 (KIA) on Agriculture, Water and Food. Six so-called missions guide the knowledge and innovation tasks at regional, national and international level. National and European programmes support partnerships to realise the ambitions of the agenda, such as the Dutch PPS programme and the Horizon Europe programme of the EU.

Fundamental and practice oriented research

Research universities, like Wageningen University and Research, engage in the full knowledge chain, from curiosity-driven fundamental research to scientific and scalable practical knowledge to create solutions that make a difference. Practice-oriented research and knowledge development on key societal challenges is also carried out by the Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences and TVET institutions.

Researchers and experts work closely with industry, governments, NGOs and practitioners in projects. The outcomes are translated to green education and professional practice, from primary agriculture and food processing to nature and the living environment. Increasingly, practice oriented research focuses on international cooperation.


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